Tableau FAQs

This page consists of the most common questions about working with Tableau. If your question is not answered here, email

1. How do I get a Tableau license?

At this point we are piloting Tableau as a reporting tool for broader campus use. 

2. Who can access Tableau projects and visualizations at the University of Guelph?

Currently all pilot users can access the interactive dashboards on the Data Insights page (excluding dashboards with restricted access).

3. How do I download a Tableau dashboard?

At the bottom of the workbook, click "Download". Select one of the following options: Image, Data, Crosstab, or PDF. Data and Crosstab download the data as a .csv file.

***Make sure you click on the data you want to download, before selecting "Download" in order to be able to select the options Data and Crosstab (they will be greyed out if you do not click on the data prior to selecting "Download").

4. How do I drilldown a dashboard that has a drilldown option?

Some tables have the ability to drilldown in order to get more detailed information. Hover over the column or row header and click on the "+" symbol that appears. This will expand the table.

5. I have permissions to access a Tableau project, but I am unable to see anything. What is wrong?

If you are trying to access the Tableau dashboards off-campus, you are required to use Secure VPN. Users also may only access the data using fully encrypted devices. Please see our Terms of Use and Access Information page for more information.