Terms and Access


The purpose of this information is to provide the Terms of Use for those accessing authorized data within the Institutional Academic and Administrative Data Reporting portal.

Adherence to University Policies

All users accessing authorized data within the data portal must read and abide by the following policies:

1) Use Encrypted Devices When Using Data Insights

Users may only access the portal using fully encrypted devices.  For more information and details on obtaining device encryption, please refer to the Encryption policy.

2) Adhere to Data Privacy Policies

Information within the reports is governed by the privacy policies outlined by the University and the individual privacy policies of the various departments/units who are stewards of that data. 

For example, for Enrolment data, the privacy policies of the Office of Registrarial Services would apply:

Office of Registrarial Services Policies:​

Other policies that apply in order to govern the protection and use of this information:

Important Note: Where record level access to data has been granted, data is governed by the individual data collection notice for that data.  By accessing record level data you are responsible to keep the data confidential and only use for permitted use.  Individual record level data should not be downloaded or used to populate an internal database or kept on file.

Authorization for Access

Access to Data Insights is authorized through the office of Institutional Research and Planning. All faculty and staff have access to Data Insights but you need additional permissions to access the interactive reports and visualizations that are provided through Tableau based on your role, and your requirement to access that data to complete your job.

Data Insights is currently provided to you through a partnership between Institutional Research and Planning and Computing & Communications Services (CCS). Support questions should be directed to datarequest@uoguelph.ca.

VPN Access

Some areas of Data Insights will require the use of Secure VPN for access. Authorized users will need the VPN Cisco AnyConnect Client.